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86. LED Headlamp – Brightest Flashlight Headlamp


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LED Headlamp - Brightest Flashlight Headlamp, Fully Adjustable Fits Comfortably, Waterproof, Impact Resistant! Light Weight, 350 Lumens (Super Bright), 500 Foot Range, 3 Settings, Zoom-able Lens, 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE
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Product Description

Using the light-weight nylon strap system, wear it as a headlamp as it can easily adjust to any size head - see images above. It's great for camping, fishing, biking, boating - anywhere you need your hands free to work. It also quickly breaks down into a handy flashlight that can be used anywhere you need a more focused beam. The 350 Lumen beam lights a path up to 500 feet for 25 hours of continuous lighting on a full charge. It runs on AA batteries and has a life expectancy of more than one hundred thousand hours of use. Comes with our 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee so order now with confidence.

Product Details

  • Powerful water-resistant, impact-resistant, 350 Lumen lamp provides extremely high visibility & awareness
  • Adjustable nylon strap fits comfortably on your head & leaves your hands free
  • Unique design allows for conversion into a handy bike headlight for increased awareness in the dark
  • Flashlight's digitally regulated output efficiently provides 25 HOURS of consistent, brilliant illumination!
  • Durable design stands up to wear & tear- perfect for fishing, boating, biking, jogging & other outdoor activities

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