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21. K-Tor 120 Volt 10 Watt Hand Crank Generator (see video)


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K-Tor 120 Volt 10 Watt Hand Crank Generator, Pocket Socket 2, Charges All Portable Electronics, All Cell Phones Including All Makes of Apple Products, Sturdy Build, Made in the USA
Manufacturer: K-Tor
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Product Description

The K-Tor Pocket Socket 2 is a 10 watt hand crank generator. It produces 120 Volts and delivers it on a standard 120 volts ac socket. It is compatible with all cell phone chargers and most all portable electronics chargers. Just plug in your charger like you would at home and crank and it will charge up your portable device. It is build from sturdy polycarbonate plastic with thick walls to insure high strength and durability. K-Tor stands behind all its products with a one year warranty and a long term service and support team. K-Tor products are designed and manufactured in the USA for long life. It is a highly efficient design with ergonomics in mind that is compatible with all cell phones including all Apple products and will charge almost all portable electronics including hand held radios, mp3 players, dvd players, digital cameras, gameboys, tablets, AA/AAA battery chargers etc. It is essential in emergencies and will allow you to bring your dead cell back to life in a couple of minutes so that you can make that life saving call. It can be used to keep your cell alive on long camping trips, expeditions of visiting places with no or unreliable electricity. K-Tor products charge your devices at the same rate as plugging in a wall outlet at home, the fastest possible. It is the safest solution going through the factory provided wall outlet and have no danger of damaging your device.

Product Details

  • 10 Watts 120 Volts Standard 120 volt ac receptacle, plug in your charger, crank and charge up your device, using an ac outlet insures long term compatibility in the future with all portable electronics including those not yet developed as all products current and in the future will be designed to be charged from a wall outlet
  • Capable of charging all cell phones including all Apple products, it can charge a very wide range of portable devices now and on the future.
  • Can be used anywhere in the world, with a simple mechanical plug adapter for plugs from countries using other power standards including 220V
  • Very Sturdy construction from advanced polycarbonate plastic with thick wall construction for high strength and long life
  • Tested to bring any dead cell back to life in minutes and charges at the same rate as plugging in a wall outlet

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