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1. Goal Zero Portable Torch 250 with Power Hub and Emergency Light (see video)


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Goal Zero Portable Torch 250 with Power Hub and Emergency Light with Solar and Hand Crank
Manufacturer: Goal Zero
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Product Description

The Torch 250 Power Hub and Flashlight is the most versatile, reliable source of power and light for any situation. Boasting a powerful, 4,400 mAh lithium battery, 250 total lumen output, a 1.5A USB port to charge your gear, as well as a built-in solar panel and hand crank, this multi-function flashlight is the only piece of gear you'll need in an emergency. Built-in USB charging cable, solar panel and hand crank for bright light anywhere. Red light for emergencies, USB port to charge your phone.

Product Details

  • Built-in solar panel, USB charging cable, and hand-crank for light anywhere
  • Multiple light options that allow to use as a 250 total lumen output flashlight, floodlight or red emergency light
  • Save on power with bright and half-bright modes
  • Long-lasting, advanced lithium 4400mAh battery and integrated USB port charges phones and boosts tablets to stay connected
  • Run Time: 7 - 48 Hours

Video Reviews

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Unboxing the GoalZero Torch 250 Solar Flashlight and USB Power Hub
Goal Zero Torch 250 USB Powerhub and Flashlight
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