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13. Sanyo NEW eneloop 1500 Super Power Packwith (see video)


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Sanyo SEC-N16SETEVP NEW eneloop 1500 Super Power Pack with 12 AA, 4 AAA, 2 C and D Spacers, 4 Position Charger and Storage Case
Manufacturer: SANYO
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Product Description

Sanyo combines all of your battery needs into a sleek and convenient carrying/storage case with their new Eneloop 1800 Super Power Pack kit. The kit is equipped with 12 AA eneloop rechargeable batteries, 4 AAA eneloop rechargeable batteries, 2 "C" spacers, 2 "D" spacers, 4 position charger with worldwide voltage and a reusable carrying/storage case. Ready to use right out of the case, eneloop batteries maintain 75% of their charge after 3 years and can be recharged 1800 times. The charger will charge up to 4 AA or 4 AAA cells, has indicator lights to let you know when batteries are charging and fully charged plus 110V - 240V capabilities. Use the C or D spacers by inserting one of the AA eneloops to utilize for those size applications. Save money and the environment with the Sanyo eneloop batteries.

Product Details

  • Kit includes:
  • 12 AA and 4 AAA eneloop 1800 cycle battery cells
  • 4 position charger with 2 LED charging lights
  • 2 "C" and 2 "D" sized battery spacers (for use with eneloop rechargeable batteries
  • Packaged in a convenient plastic carry case

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SANYO eneloop - HR-3UTGA -Ready to use Rechargeable Battery
Sanyo Eneloop New Edition

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