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Kinesio Tex Tape – Water Resistant Beige, 2 x 5.5 yd. Single Roll for Kinesio Taping


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Kinesio Tex Tape - Water Resistant Beige, 2" x 5.5 yd. Single Roll for Kinesio Taping
Manufacturer: Kinesio
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Product Description

From elite athletes and weekend warriors to neurological and pediatric patients, Kinesio Tex Classic provides users with high quality and consistent results. It utilizes the original wave pattern that has become known and loved the world over. KinesioTape Classic is ideal for consumers and those new to KinesioTaping. Its lighter adhesive is hypoallergenic and latex-free, making it appropriate for all populations, including pediatric and geriatric skin-types. It is available in the traditional Kinesio colors of beige, black, blue and pink, as well as new white.

Product Details

  • Creates a lifting effect on the skin's surface, which improves circulation and relieves pain
  • Applying different amounts of tension and varying directions, allows the tape the ability to relax or stimulate muscles
  • Wearable for 3 to 5 days providing continuous 24 hours a day results
  • Features a 100% medical-grade acrylic adhesive and is latex free
  • Provides muscle support and stability while allowing range of motion
  • All Kinesio Tape products are shipped with the 'Authentic Kinesio Product' Seal that contains the signature, trademarked 'K' icon along with the product's Batch ID#
  • CARE - 2" Kinesio Classic rolls are available in single and bulk roll options to meet the individual needs of clinics and patients
  • DIVERSE - Kinesio Tex Classic tape can be used by both professionals and patients with a proper understanding of taping techniques. From injury prevention to chronic pain management, Classic kinesiology tape will assist recovery.
  • INNOVATION - Tex Gold FP kinesiology tape brings Nano-touch stimulation to the skin and muscle layers underneath. Intricate Fingerprint (FP) technology delivers gentle massage benefits without compromising tape grip or durability.
  • THE LEADER - Kinesio launched the kinesiology tape market in 1979. Dr. Kenzo Kase's research, testing and development have ensured Kinesio as the top choice for medical professionals and patient care.

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