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68. Ultimate Survival Technologies 2×3 StarFlash Emergency Signal Mirror


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Ultimate Survival Technologies 2x3 StarFlash Emergency Signal Mirror
Manufacturer: Ultimate Survival
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Product Description

A classic tool for camping, backpacking, and emergency preparedness, the lightweight UST Star Flash Floating Signal Mirror has a built-in precision aiming system for accurate signaling, and it won’t sink if dropped in water. In addition to using it for emergency signaling, it’s handy for personal grooming as well. The virtually unbreakable Floating Mirror also features a lanyard hole for convenient attachment to gear, and it works even in overcast conditions or at night with moonlight or other light sources.
1 – Stand facing the sun or other light source in an open area with a clear view of the sky and, if possible, the horizon.
2 – Reflect light from the light source onto your hand or other nearby surface making sure to not block the light from the light source to the mirror surface.
3 – Slowly bring the mirror toward your eye until the mirror touches your cheek. Look through the star at the reflected light on your hand (or other surface). A bright glowing spot will show in the star. This is the aim indicator.
4 – Holding the mirror close to your eye, and still looking at the aim indicator, slowly turn and angle the mirror until you “place” the aim indicator directly on the object you wish to flash. If no target is in sight, continually sweep the horizon.
HxWxD: 3” x 2” x 0.25” (76 x 51 x 6mm)
0.7 ounces
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Product Details

  • Introducing our new star flash signal mirror, composed of 100% Lexan polycarbonate strong, tough materials making it effective, durable and long lasting.
  • This unbreakable mirror is accompanied with lanyard hole for attachment which is of great use. Ideal for any survival kit.
  • One of the great feature of this emergency signal mirror is that it has retro-reflective fabric.
  • Virtually unbreakable mirror works in overcast conditions; floats if dropped in water.
  • 100% satisfaction: 100% manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty, No Hassles, No Risk

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